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15 Watt Rosewell Custom Harp Amplifier constructed on Chrome Chassis, Unique design which both High and low impedence inputs, 12" Custom Weber Harp Speaker, Line out all enclosed in a handbuilt pine cabinet covered in laquered aged tweed.


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1950's Masco ME27 head as used by Little Walter. This amplifier was unboxed, modified and rehoused in a handbuilt combo cabinet, covered in the classic blonde tolex with Oxblood Grill. The Cabinet was fitted with 4 specially selected 8" speakers


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1961 Fender Concert Amplifier (6G12 Chassis)

This superb sounding amplifier is owned by top blues harp player Rollo Markee of The Tailshaker. This amplifier recieved several modifications and now really honks!

This is one of the best sounding vintage amplifiers I have heard used with a harp as it can be cranked up high without feedback.





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