Rosewell Silver BadgeBM40 



Price £1299

Inspired by the 1953 Fender Pro amplifier The Rosewell Bluesman 40 offers 40 watts of pure class A power. This amplifier utilises Octal pre-amp tubes (6SL7) with grid leak input. This allows the amplifier to open up giving a pure, warm vintage tone. When cranked up the Bluesman 40's tone develops into that raw, gutsy SRV blues style tone all coming through a JBL D130F speaker.


Features include:


  • Inspired by 1953 Fender Pro
  • Steel Triple Chromed Chassis
  • 40W output 
  • Fixed Bias
  • Octal pre-amp tubes
  • 2x 5881 U.S.A. Sylvania output tubes,
  • GZ34 Rectifier Tube
  • 3x 6SL7 Phillips pre-amp tubes
  • NOS 15" JBL D130F Speaker
  • 18mm Birch Ply Cabinet
  • Laquered Tweed or Cream/Oxblood finishes available 


Each Rosewell amplifier comes with a lifetime warranty

(excludes tubes/speakers)