Rosewell Silver BadgeBM30 



Price £1275 

The Rosewell Bluesman 30 offers all the classic tone of the Bluesbaby with double the power. The Bluesman 30 utilises the original 5E3 circuit with added tonal tweak giving better projection and more clean headroom. The Bluesman 30 offers crisp warm clean tones at a volume which is perfect for the live environment. The amplifier is available in either laquered tweed or blonde tolex with oxblood grill. 


Features include:


  • 57 5E3 style circuit
  • Steel Triple Chromed Chassis
  • 30w output
  • Fixed bias
  • Carbon comp resistors
  • Paper in oil capacitors
  • 18mm Birch ply cabinet with dovetail joints
  • 2x12 Tayden Ceramic speakers
  • 1x12AX7 1x 12AY7 4x6V6 and GZ34 Recifier tube
  • Optional half power switch


Each Rosewell amplifier comes with a lifetime warranty

(excludes tubes/speakers)