Rosewell Blues Baby 

Rosewell BB


Price £950  

Inspired by the Fender 57 Tweed deluxe the Rosewell Bluesbaby captures the classic tone of the classic 5E3 circuit. The Rosewell Bluesbaby is perfect for Rock 'n' Roll and blues. The amplifier features twin channels (normal and bright) 12" speaker and 15w output. Each amplifier is housed in an 18mm birch ply cabinet and is finished in Shellac laquered tweed.


Features include:


  • Based on the Classic 57 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Circuit
  • Steel Triple Chromed Chassis
  • Cabon composite Resistors
  • Paper in oil capacitors
  • NOS quality Valves
  • 4 input
  • 2 Channels
  • 2 Volume
  • Tone Control
  • Line out socket
  • 12" Speaker


Each Rosewell amplifier comes with a lifetime warranty

(excludes tubes/speakers)